About Us

Hello, my name is Cristy Hill. I am originally from Ecuador.

In 2000, I met my husband Frank in my little town Baños de Agua Santa, that is located closed to Los Andes mountains, he was studying Spanish. In 2010, I immigrated to the United States.

First, we lived in Cuyahoga Falls, OH for a year but I didn't like the cold weather so we moved to Tampa, FL when my older son Frankie was 2 months old. We wanted to spend as much time as we could with him for that reason we started looking for ideas about businesses.

Then, we realized that there weren't many products from Ecuador available for sale in Florida. We were traveling back and forth to Ecuador a lot to visit my family anyways, so little by little we started to bring back more and more products to see what Americans liked. 

We started at the Ybor City Saturday market in 2013 working just one day a week with one table of products and have since then grown to operating two full setups 4-5 days a week at festivals, upscale markets, concerts, and farmers markets around the Tampa Bay and Orlando area. 

My second son was born in 2015, his name is Everett. Both of them have gone with us to every event. They like helping us to set up the products on the tables and sometimes they like to talk to our customers.

In 2017, we started selling online.

We took a year break because of Covid-19 but we are going back to our events on March 7th.



Owners of Latin American Boutique

My husband and I

Founders and owners of Latin American Boutique

about us

Frankie and Everett at the St Pete Pier