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Our wide stretchable headbands are stunning pieces created by local Ecuadorian artists. These gorgeous pieces of handmade Ecuadorian headbands are designed for men and women who wish to keep their hair and sweat out of the way as you work out. An elegant dreadlocks accessory that is handmade using the foot-treadle loom technique. Bringing forward a beautifully designed, and wonderfully created boho headband that you will love.

These wide headbands offer you the coverage and support you need when taking on different exercises such as yoga, running, spinning; so you can focus on the task at hand, rather than being distracted by your hair or sweat getting in your way. Not just any headband, we are offering you a handmade Ecuadorian hippie headband that comes with its local charm and design, making sure you look and feel amazing at the same time.

- Material: Our wide stretchable headbands are crafted using premium-grade 75% cotton and 25% acrylic elastic and thread.
- Size: This boho headband comes in one size that fits from 20” to 25” of heads. - Feature: These bohemian head wraps were crafted by hand using the foot-treadle loom technique.

This set consist of: -Multicolored headband -Light blue headband -Rasta headband -Brown headband -Black headband

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