Sheep Wool Woven Warm Blanket

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The Sheep Wool Warm Blanket is made of polyester for a soft, smooth, and durable feel; shrink, stretch & wrinkle resistant; warm yet lightweight; machine washable & quick drying. Super soft plush material and elegant colors bring a calm and elegant touch to any room. perfect for kids baby men women girls boys daily use when napping, snuggling, relaxing, watching tv, reading on a coach, lounging chair or bed. 

Thick and Heavy Throw Blanket with geometric designs. It is a southwestern style. This weighted blanket is chunky and warm for cold nights. Perfect for your couch, sofa or bed. Get comfy when camping or having a picnic. It was woven by Ecuadorian artisans. Thin and lightweight, this throw blanket can be used anywhere for extra warmth. makes a great gift for children to anticipate and snuggle; for adults as fun home decor, and for the elderly who can feel the love!