Brown Green Wide Yoga Hippie Headband

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This Hippie Headband is made of soft cotton blend, threads, and elastic. It was woven by skilled Ecuadorian artisans using the foot-treadle loom technique. The fabric has texture so it doesn’t slip off. The deep rich colors and patterns are unique. The hairband can be worn in different ways: open up, folded in the center, or twisted. This headband is unisex for women and men.

This Wide and Stretchy Headband is perfect for running, working out, hiking, or doing yoga. The soft cotton of the boho head wrap gives you a wonderful pleasing feeling. It is super comfortable and keeps the hair out of your face.


This headband is for adults ONE size fits from 20" up to 25"

Width: 7.5"

Care instructions:

- Hand wash in cold water.

- Do not wring.

- Lay the headband on a flat surface to air dry in shade.